Teacher files lawsuit against parent over social media post

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A Griffin-Spalding County teacher is suing a parent for something the teacher says was posted on Facebook. CBS46 first reported the story September 2017. It involved students who refused to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance.

Sharon Orrs Elementary teacher Roxie Davis says she was defamed on Facebook by the #FireRoxieDavis. Now Davis wants $100,000 from that parent who she says used Facebook to try to get her fired.

The suit says:Published false, misleading and untrue statements using the hashtag titled "#FIREROXIEDAVIS"In September, CBS46 reporter Natalie Rubino told the story about parents upset with a speech Davis made to her 5th grade students. The children said Davis told them she agrees with NFL kneeling protests and that she wouldn't stand for the national anthem anymore.

When CBS46 did our first few stories we did not name Davis but did confirm through the school district that she was disciplined for her actions. That same story included an incident that happened in a different teacher's class where Newberry said her son was bullied for standing during the Pledge of Allegiance in homeroom by his classmates who chose to stay seated.

Davis says that on Facebook Newberry falsely associated her with that incident. She writes in the lawsuit:"You posted under the hashtag #FIREROXIEDAVIS news stories about two 10 year olds called Nazis by teacher and class for not taking a knee and associated the story with Plaintiff."CBS46 took the court documents to a first amendment lawyer with Duane Morris Law Firm. She says this really isn't a case for defamation of character.

"She's complaining that she shared news reports. The very sharing of the news reports probably gives the strongest defense because that shows basis for her opinion," said Cynthia Counts.

The posts referenced in the lawsuit have since been deleted.

Davis is still a teacher at Orrs. Newberry says her family moved just so she could take her son out of Orrs Elementary. He started at a new school in December. But right now she's worried about the attorney fees this case will bring. A trial date hasn't been set yet.

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