On a warm, breezy day in the city of Chamblee, spring has sprung and so have the problems at the Heights at Chamblee apartment homes.

"She’s like it’s just like something you can’t believe," said community advocate Rebekah Morris.

Rebekah Morris is a community advocate helping families in poor living conditions.

"There’s one here on the ground dead," said Morris.

Marina Turcios and her three-year-old son Jesus have a pest problem you’ve got to see to believe.

"When she walked into the bathroom she saw three possums and when she turned the light on they all scurried in here and she ran out screaming," said Morris.

And her troubles don’t stop here.

"She opened it and there were rats eating the clothes. So she threw all the clothes away. So the floor if you walk on it, it’s like mushy and sunken. Like you’re about to fall through," said Morris. "$920 a month for this, yeah."

And there’s no sign of any relief any time soon. If only management would spring into action.

"She just wants an apartment that’s clean for her kids," said Morris.

CBS46 dropped by the leasing office to talk to them about the problems, but the door was locked. There was a sign on the door which said pest control will be coming every week on Tuesday.

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