President Trump Holds Rally In Georgia For Senate Candidates Loeffler And Perdue

VALDOSTA, Ga. (CBS46) President Donald Trump drew a crowd of thousands in south Georgia Saturday night at a rally to support Georgia's two U.S. Senators, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, who both need the support of Trump loyalists in order to win runoff races in January.

First Lady Melania Trump took the stage first to encourage Georgians to go vote, while touting the accomplishments of Loeffler, Perdue, and her husband.

While the rally was intended to highlight the push to vote for the two Republican senators in the upcoming January runoff election, the president focused much of his speech on his continuing claims that the November election was marred by fraud.

"The beauty is we also won Georgia," said President Trump, though vote tallies show Trump lost the state by more 12,000 votes.

"They say we lost. The only way is they stuffed the ballot boxes," said the president.

President also Trump continued to bash Georgia Secretary State Brad Raffensperger and his handling of the state's vote audit, while also condemning on Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp's response to the situation.

The President said of the alleged stolen election, "Your governor could stop it very easily if he knew what the hell he was doing."

The speech moved into topics ranging from the border wall to the ongoing pandemic to Section 230, which regulates social media companies. Many social media platforms have begun to recently label many of the President's tweets as "disinformation."

"Tell our senators, 'End Section 230.' It's a big national security problem. It's the one chance we have to bring big tech -- it's the only thing they fear," said Trump.

On the subject of the coronavirus pandemic, President Trump said, "China allowed this to happen," adding, "These states and cities should open up."

"The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose to over 30,000 for the first time ever over the past few weeks. We're rounding the corner, rounding the turn on the pandemic," continued the President, who has long touted the state of the economy as a major platform position.

The President continued his speech by praising the work of Senators Loeffler and Perdue.

Both Senators had an opportunity to address the crowd, each giving brief words of support and gratitude to President Trump.

President Trump reminded Georgians of the December 7 voter registration deadline for the upcoming January 5 runoff election for Georgia's Senate seats.

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