ATLANTA (CBS46) — Some customers at a Midtown Public Storage were horrified when they visited their units a few weeks ago after several units were broken into in mid-November.

Brandon Rodriguez said about $3,000 worth of music equipment was taken from his unit.

“Where are the tower of amps that I had there?” said Rodriguez. “It was a lot of my stuff – well, stuff that mattered anyway.”

Rodriguez said about six or seven other customers at the facility on Monroe were victims that night. Thieves stole three guitar amplifiers and part of a drum set from his unit.

“Prior to it happening, I was like great location great price inside seems safe,” he said. “Bummed is an understatement. Music is my life – it’s always been my passion. That’s why it hits so hard.”

While prices can fluctuate for a unit at this Public Storage facility, the company’s website shows a large unit at this location can be leased for upward of $400 a month. With this kind of price tag, customers thought they were paying for adequate safety and security protocols.

But Atlanta Police Department's incident reports of the thefts cast doubt on how secure these facilities are.

According to police reports, the locks, handles, and latches to the violated units had been replaced before officers arrived on scene, leaving no surfaces for investigators to print.

Limited video surveillance also raised challenges.

Cameras on the property record the outside and front lobby area, but not where storage units are located.

A screen visible to the public in the front lobby shows exactly where about a dozen cameras are placed throughout the property.

“Sloppy, you know? And also disappointing. You would think a company like public storage would have the resources to address this when it happens,” said Rodreguiz.

Police haven’t named any suspects, but Rodriguez has a message for the person responsible.

“I hope they got a nice Christmas gift for something it was worth it,” he said. “For whatever reason whatever compelled you to do it, I hope it was worth it.”

Public Storage declined multiple opportunities to respond to CBS46.

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