JOHNS CREEK, Ga. (CBS46) -- A local nonprofit that saves animals in our community had their van stolen right off their property.

This van is instrumental in the work they do, and they’re asking for the community’s help.

“It hurts us that someone would kick us when we’re down,” said Samantha Shelton, the President and CEO of Furkids.

Furkids no-kill animal shelter saves about 5,000 animals a year.

“We bring them in from animal control shelters, we get them vetted, and prepare them to be adopted into loving homes,” Shelton added.

They had to temporarily close their thrift stores due to Covid-19.

“We’ve had some financial hardship and loss, and have had to cancel vital fundraisers,” Shelton said.

They discovered last week one of their vans was stolen from their new Johns Creek Thrift Store parking lot.

“We’re shocked and surprised that this would happen to us, we’re trying to make a comeback after COVID," said Shelton. 

One of the ways they’re able to raise money and carry out their programs is through their thrift stores, this location is their 4th one.

“This van is one that we use to transport donated merchandise from supporters in the area that donate to our thrift stores, and we use this vehicle to move the merchandise between our locations,” added Shelton.

When staff members came to work and realized the van was missing from the parking lot, they filed a police report.

“They did find the van, it has been dumped and stripped, and they found it in Monroe, Georgia,” said Shelton.

Until they can find a replacement, they’re having to use their vehicle that transports animals from their organization to be adopted.

“It just feels a bit like we’re under attack, for someone to come and steal something from our nonprofit organization,” Shelton said.

They’re asking for the community’s help… by adopting animals and supporting them by shopping their thrift stores. 

Anyone who has any information about the van’s disappearance is asked to contact the Johns Creek police, who are investigating.

Meanwhile, Furkids is appealing to the community to help fund a new van, since insurance coverage is not adequate to cover all costs to replace the van. Donations can be made here.


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