Thieves steal medicine from toddler battling cancer

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Little Hailey-Holder is fighting for her life.

“There’s only a 20 percent chance my daughter is going to live to the age of four,” said Hailey Allen, Hailey-Holder's mother.

The family is now dealing with more pain after thieves broke into their car parked at the Sheraton in downtown Atlanta and stole Hailey-Holder’s cancer medicine.

“There’s nothing in place to help people who have been violated and had their things taken,” said Allen.

The little girl’s cancer beads and mom’s diary were also stolen.

“These sentimental things mean so much, there’s not a value I can put on her cancer binder. I have kept her entire journey,” said Allen.

The criminals inadvertently picked up a tracking tile which lead the couple and a police officer to a house last Thursday at 9:30 a.m. The house giving off the signal is in Union City.

When the couple arrived at the house, they called 911 to the home in order to have a police officer with jurisdiction in the area escort them to the front door.

Things didn't go well.

“He said his son had just gotten home two hours previously and he was sleeping so he wasn’t going to wake him up and told us he didn’t care that our daughter had cancer,” said Allen.

Without a warrant the officer wasn't able to take the matter any further.

The family is now hoping someone from the public knows who the thief is.

“The sentimental value cannot be replaced,” said Allen.

Atlanta Police said an investigation into the theft is on-going.

To learn more about the families story, click here.

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