DECATUR, Ga. (CBS46) -- Unfortunately for some homeowners they may be putting a target on their house simply by owning a Ring doorbell. If stolen, those devices can be re-registered to any new owner.

In June, a thief made off with several Ring devices in one night.

Douglas Hanlan was one of those people whose device was stolen by that thief. He and the others thought it might have happened so the thief could come back and commit a crime without being caught on camera, but an email from Ring received by Douglas and another victim told them their old devices had a new owner and had been re-registered.

“Each Ring device has its own separate network address," said Hanlan. "And they had said it had been registered to a new address and if that was ok I wouldn’t have to do anything, and if it wasn’t I should call them.”

It seems the thief has been selling the stolen merchandise because anyone can register a used Ring device.

To Douglas’s surprise, even though he had reported it stolen to the company it was still able to be used.

“There should be something somewhere in their records that says hey we’ve registered your ring device by the way we know its been stolen, that’s not what I got. I got what was a pretty automated email.”

A quick search on Facebook marketplace turned up a number of used Ring devices, some in a rather shabby state.

In a statement the company says it takes security of its customers very seriously and can disable any device.

Douglas simply hopes his new device won’t entice more thieves back.

“Right now, yeah there’s clearly a marketplace.”

The company said it will only disable a device when instructed to do so by the owner.

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