UPS to hire 100,000 seasonal workers nationwide

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- UPS is looking to hire thousands of people right here in Metro Atlanta.

It’s massive, over a million square feet, the size of 19 football fields, and it’s also UPS' second largest facility in the county To top it off, it’s right here in Atlanta.

“It processes about 100,000 packages per hour,” Bryan Mchugh Director of Human Resources for talent acquisition said.

Packages unloaded from trucks, placed on conveyor belts, guided by robots, then reloaded on new trucks. As a company UPS process 20 million packages a day, and that's just a "normal day." 

“During peak season we will actually increase as an organization to 40 million packages,” Mchugh told CBS46 News.

Peak season starts October 15 and ends in early January. The mega company needs more hands on deck to thrive in the face of package apocalypse.

“This is the Super Bowl for us,” Mchugh explained.

It’s why the company is in the process of hiring 100,000 seasonal employees nationwide.

“In the state of Georgia we’re going to hire about 7,400 people in metro Atlanta,” Mchugh told CBS46 NEWS.

That’s helpers, loaders and those of help with off loading. There's even a chance to grow into higher paying positions.

“We hire about 35% of our people are made permanent and that is a steppingstone and UPS into a career,” Mchugh explained.

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