Atlanta Park Stabbing

FILE - Authorities are searching for the person who fatally stabbed a woman who was walking her dog in Piedmont Park, one of Atlanta's most popular parks, Wednesday, July 28, 2021 in Atlanta. Katherine Janness, 40, was found dead in Piedmont Park around 1 a.m. Wednesday, police said. Her dog had also been killed. (AP Photo/R.J. Rico)

ATLANTA (CBS46) — The Piedmont Park Conservancy says it's working with public safety experts to figure out what changes would be best for the park.

We asked people visiting Atlanta's most popular green space what would make them feel safer.
"I think one thing that would be great is if they strategically placed emergency call booths throughout the park," said Quyamah Lewis-Mullins, who was walking around the park Thursday.

Marsha Dow says she would like better visibility.
"Better lighting, more continuous lighting," she said.
Meanwhile, David Debs says an increased law enforcement presence is what he's looking for. 
"I think that maybe additional police presence in the park might not be a bad idea," he suggested. 
Changes could come in the next few months thanks to the new Safe Haven Fund.
"We are at about $45,000 so far. Anything that's raised from the public as of yesterday is going to be matched up to $100,000 from an anonymous, generous donor," said Chief Development Officer of the Piedmont Park Conservancy, Courtney Bugler.
The conservancy says it's working with public safety experts on what changes would be beneficial.
"Some of those might involve things with visibility, signage and navigation, safety communications, but until we get out final recommendations, we won't know for sure," said Bugler. "I think you will see some changes over the next couple of months as we get the first sort of set of recommendations."
Safety concerns skyrocketed following the brutal stabbing death of Katie Janness in July. No one has been charged for the crime. APD says as of Thursday afternoon, it has no new information to release on the investigation into Katie Janness's death.
"It saddens us greatly," Bugler said.
We asked the city what safety enhancements or features it thinks should be added to Piedmont Park. We are waiting to hear back.

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