Suspects wanted in a Peachtree City drugstore robbery.

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. (CBS46) -- John Henson is a family man who moved to Peachtree City because he wants his family to always feel safe.

"The number one thing was the safety of the area," said Peachtree City homeowner of 15 years John Henson. "And that it had a very large police force that is involved with the community."

The usually peaceful city was rocked by the news that three men described by police as African-American in dark clothing, robbed a nearby Walgreens.

"Surprising because it's a very quiet area and for them to bring that kind of fire power is a little shocking," said Henson.

The men entered the store just as it was closing at 11 p.m. on July 14, stole cash, no drugs, and didn’t harm the two employees inside.

"From looking at what we had they controlled their movements throughout the entire encounter," said Sgt. Chris Hyatt of the Peachtree City Police. "Not overly aggressive, there was no assault that took place. Prior to leaving both employees basically ended up basically bound and secured with their hands behind their backs."

The suspects were so methodical in their movements that police believe they were pros.

"Yes we are dealing with people that have done this before in the past and had pretty decent control over the situation throughout the encounter,” said Sgt. Hyatt

The community was glad no one was hurt, or worse.

"Wow they were ready for action, thank God nothing bad happened, usually young girls in there working at night,” said Henson.

If you have any information on the three men, please contact Peachtree City Police at 770-487-8866. Tipsters are allowed to remain anonymous. 

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