Tree down on Briarcliff Road

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- A busy Northeast DeKalb County street -- Briarcliff Road -- was shut down for hours between Fisher Trail and Crestline Drive thanks to downed trees and power lines.

The trees collapsed due to ground saturation in the area.

Neighbors say it caused major issues during their morning commute.

Tom Longo spent his morning directing traffic before police and firemen showed up to block off this area.

“They were slamming on their brakes and sliding,” Longo told CBS46’s Melissa Stern. “I’m seeing a lot of trucks, and uh, it’s kind of a confusing mess,” Longo added.

Longo said around 5 o’clock this morning, his son heard something crack.

“There was a big boom, and the next thing you know there are flashes of light,” Longo said, “I think the transformer hit the ground and exploded and pulled some wires out of our house, so it was a pretty exciting way to wake up in the morning for sure.”

A captain with DeKalb County Fire said thankfully no one was injures, but two large trees fell across the roadway causing a lot of damage to power lines and a homeowner’s fence.

“The ground is still very saturated, and after speaking with our roads and drainage personnel, said it was most likely the soil and a gust of wind coming through,” said Captain Dion Bentley, with DeKalb County Fire.

“These trees are scary, they are really big, and when they go, they take a lot of things down with them,” added Longo.

“Blocking the major arteries in the traffic causes a lot of commotion,” said Teresa Ebbs, another neighbor.

Captain Bentley says they’re hoping to have at least one lane open by about 2 o’clock and they’re shooting for getting all lanes open for rush hour traffic.

In the meantime, please use alternative routes.

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