Tornado safety tips

File photo of a tornado (Source: NOAA)

If you're under a risk of tornadoes, here are some tips to keep you safe.

Watch vs Warning

A tornado watch means that tornadoes are possible in your area, but not actually occurring. Watch the weather closely, and

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for real-time updates.

A tornado warning means that a tornado has either developed, or a potential tornado has been detected by radar. If you are under a tornado warning, TAKE SHELTER IMMEDIATELY.

Safety tips

If you are under a tornado warning, do the following: Get to a basement, safe room or interior room. Make sure you're on the lowest floor of your home or apartment. Remember to stay away from windows. A small, center room is the best place to be, such as a bathroom or closet without windows. Remember to get as low as possible. Cover your head to protect yourself from flying objects. If possible, put a mattress or blankets over your head. If you're outside or in a car, try to get inside to safety.Copyright 2018 WGCL-TV (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved.

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