COBB COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- "You know, we work right in what's called the red zone so of course I'm worried about it," said the manager of a business located next door to Sterigenics -- the company at the helm of a toxic air controversy.

It's a growing sentiment for the businesses that operate around the Sterigenics plant in Smyrna.

The facility made headlines in July when a study by the EPD and EPA showed the plant released large amounts of the cancer-causing gas etholyene oxide.

Now that release of etholyene oxide into the air is having an economic effect.

State Senator Jennifer Jordan said businesses are approaching her about leaving the area.

"Other businesses that surround this plant or this facility that don't feel comfortable and don't want to endanger you know their employees," said Sen. Jordan.

The manager at a business in clear site of the Sterigenics plant said she constantly worries for her employees.

"I have a girl that works here that has headaches often and I wonder if it has anything to do with that," said the manager who preferred not to be named.

CBS46 was able to confirm that Intercontinental Hotel Group, who's office is next door to the plant, is the first official business to leave the area due to Sterigenics.

The statement reading in part, "We have paused all activity at this location and advised our teams not to access the work space until further notice as we work to gather additional details."

Neighboring companies saying earlier, information from Sterigenics should have been given.

"It would have been nice to know before we started here," said the neighboring manager in the Olympic Industrial Drive area.

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