ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- People tell CBS46 there is a lack of transparency with the government about the dangerous levels of lead in the soil on the Westside of Atlanta.

Some residents who live in the English Avenue Neighborhood say they don’t know what is going on nor what the cleanup process is.

Eddie Williams moved to the community last month and says he has not been notified. “I wish I would have known about it I would have never moved over this way. I have two kids I would have liked to be notified about it or something.”

Several other residents told us the same thing, meanwhile Saleema Glaze said the Environmental Protection Agency came out to test her year and send a letter in the mail saying there was high levels of lead but that is the last she has heard from them. “I haven’t heard anything else and I don’t know what should do. It’s really concerning I have 4 young kids so it’s really concerning, and they didn’t have a number to call back on.”

I reached out the City of Atlanta Mayors office to see if they will be doing any outreach and engagement about the contaminated soil. Here is their statement:

“While the City is closely monitoring the issue, this is a matter that is handled at the federal level. The City has had representation during public meetings to address questions or concerns, but the City does not have a regulatory role and decisions made during the investigation are within the purview of the EPA.”

The major Westside Lead Cleanup project will take at least a year and cost nearly $2 million dollars. It does not cost the homeowner or renter anything. It takes about a week, and everything removed will be replaced.

The extent of the contamination is unknown at this time, it could be more widespread than just the English Avenue Neighborhood.

But if you want your soil tested and for more information about the risks of lead contamination go to this website.

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