ATLANTA (CBS46) — A huge donation of diapers in Atlanta, all because of Trae Young’s playoff performance in Game 6 against the Philadelphia 76ers.

But this story actually started a year ago, with an infant who looked exactly like the Hawks superstar.

It all started with a photo shoot for a baby brand and a couple hundred bucks for Ezra Alexander, and his mom, Kierstin.

"A couple months later people started texting me we saw Ezra on a diaper box, and I’m like, on a diaper box? When did he even do this? I didn’t even know what this was for," Kiersten said. "So then shortly after that, that’s when the diaper box went viral, and now it’s just all over the place."

Viral thanks to an NBA fan who noticed a strong resemblance and posted the Hello Bello diaper box on Twitter, where clearly, thousands of other people agreed.

"It’s so funny because I didn’t even know much about Trae Young, or anything, and we would go places and people would say your son looks like Trae Young. I’m like what does that even...who is that?," Kiersten said.

Ezra and his mom live in Los Angeles, so Trae Young wasn’t exactly on their radar. But then, even Trae acknowledged his look-a-like, renaming Ezra, "Trae Younger." 

"The diaper box is bringing so much joy and comedy and now that it’s inspired a huge diaper donation that’s just awesome," Kiersten said.

Nearly a year after the original posts, Hello Bello and Walmart have teamed up to donate 136,000 diapers to an Atlanta-area Baby Supply Bank. A viral tweet, a diaper windfall, and a side of fame for Trae Younger.

"I’m like, do you know you’re going viral that you’re all over the internet? Do you know that?," Kiersten asked her son during our call with them. 

Ezra's mom says they’ve been following Trae Young and the Hawks throughout their playoff run, and are pulling for another upset against the Milwuakee Bucks in the Eastern Conference Finals.


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