ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- "It's terrifying, now I sit in my house and listen to these noises and I'm like uh-oh is that one coming," said a very concerned Stacey DeNicola.

Stacey DeNicola is still shocked after a Saturday of carnage.

"Somebody had come through my picket fence here, ripped up all the footing's of the fence and landed over here," said DeNicola.

Stacey couldn't believe it.

"Honestly the first thing that went through my head, was like not again, like it can't be, it can't be."

Only 12 hours prior, police said a driver lost control driving west on Defoor Ave, next to DeNicola, and veered off the road narrowly missing a power pole and crashing into a new parked SUV around 4:30 a.m.

"It was amazing because the screech actually woke me up and then the boom shook the house," said DeNicola.

Both cars only feet away from causing even more damage.

"If she had started to swerve sooner she would have come through the fence at a different place, it's possible she could have come through the front of the house."

Families in this particular stretch believe it's inevitable a human tragedy is waiting to happen.

"It's a busy road and people go awfully, awfully fast," said DeNicola. "Everybody starts telling you I've lost nine mail boxes, somebody only last month had the same thing happen only they crashed into their house."

CBS46 reporter Jamie Kennedy contacted city officials who in an email said they are looking into the situation with serious intent.

Everyone agrees something needs to be done.

"You know you hear screeching all the time on this road, something has to be done it's getting to the point of greater urgency than anyone's really looked at it before," said DeNicola.


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