Trick-or-treaters are heading our to collect candy in droves, what parents need to know

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Trick-or-treaters are starting to spread out across metro Atlanta and the excitement of Halloween is everywhere, even the moms are into it.

“I’m excited,” says Kenya Parks. “I’m excited for my four-year-old. This is his first Halloween, really.”

Kim Benjamin has a 12-year-old.

“She has a group of friends and they’re going to be Wizard of Oz, so we’ll see how this pulls off, but she’s going to be Dorothy.”

Both moms are glad police are reminding drivers to go slowly through neighborhoods this evening.

“Kids are wearing costumes where they can’t see visually or they’re all on their phones as are their parents,” says Benjamin.

“They’re not looking. They’re trying to get candy, trying to get to the home,” says Parks.

A lot of time is spent on decorations and getting the costumes ready, but how much time do we spend getting to know our neighbors and which houses our children should avoid?

“Yeah, there are quite a few,” says Benjamin.

A search of Kim’s street in Pine Lake turned up several registered sex offenders living within a one-mile radius of her home.

“It is scary, and that’s why as a mom of a daughter I’m very aware of not letting her be by herself.”

She was glad when CBS46 told her certain offenders deemed as predators are not allowed to decorate for Halloween or leave their homes tonight as part of their parole.

Law enforcement officers are out today reminding offenders of their restrictions.

“I’ve never even, honestly never even though about the sex offender for Halloween ever. That’s never even crossed my mind.”

Just one more thing parents should be aware of is that the only thing kids need to focus on is enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes of Halloween.

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