President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump again took aim at the state of Georgia and Governor Brian Kemp Tuesday for what the president perceives to be problems with the November 3rd election.

Twitter put a note on the president's tweet saying "Multiple Sources called this election differently"

The president's belief is that if the vote count was conducted the way he and his team wanted, he would win and presumably Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler would win as well. While excluding some votes may help Senator Perdue win; Senator Loeffler finished well behind Democrat Reverend Raphael Warnock in the race for the other Senate seat.

President Trump lost the general election vote in Georgia to President-elect Joe Biden. The election results were counted and then a hand-count audit was conducted of the presidential race. Both showed President-elect Biden beating Trump in the Peach State. The vote was then certified by the Secretary of State's office and approved by Governor Kemp meaning the state's 16 electors in the Electoral College will go to Biden.

Still, Trump hasn't been willing to concede the election and has made unfounded claims about election fraud and other conspiracy theories. His attacks on the election system and the election results in Georgia have also caused members of the Republican Party to worry it may depress voter turnout for the Senate runoff elections in January.

For his part, Governor Kemp has stayed away from directly clashing with Trump even after the president said he regretted endorsing Kemp for governor. Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan, who has repeatedly said the state saw no widespread problems, indicated during a CNN interview Tuesday morning that he will not be with the president when he visits for a rally for the Senate runoff on Saturday.

"I've got a full day on Saturday," Lt. Governor Duncan told CNN.

It's unknown whether or not Kemp will be with the president when he is scheduled to visit on Saturday. 

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