Two cameras, two different sides of Snellville seafood restaurant confrontation


According to a Facebook post averaging hundreds of thousands of views per day, the owner of Doos Seafood near Snellville "hit" an employee for making a mistake.

Unfortunately, the cell phone camera was pointed away when the physical contact between the restaurant owner and employee was made, so we don't actually see it in the customer's video:

Markus Moultrie is the customer behind the Facebook video that's traveling the internet.

He says the argument we see in the video centered on a dispute about who was most at fault for an incorrect order. He said the owner told the employee his refund for about $8 would be coming out of her paycheck, and if she didn't like it, she was fired.

Moultrie helped CBS46 track down Junea Turner, the employee who says she was hit by the restaurant owner.

"He pushed me and I went backwards like this, and I had to grab the other employees so I didn't fall down, and then he grabbed me by my shirt, basically like this, and then he grabbed my shirt and my breast at the same time, trying to sling me out that side door," said Turner.

We went to the restaurant and found a man in the parking lot who saw the cell phone video on Facebook and was moved to stand outside, warning customers not to go inside.

He's one of many people who are reacting negatively to seeing the clip.

When we went inside, we met an employee who was there to witness Friday's incident. She says the restaurant is receiving a flood of prank calls, and even threats from people who saw the video on Facebook, but she believes those people are reacting to an exaggerated description of what happened.

"You can't see anything but rice flying. They assume she got hit."

The employee, who asked that we not use her name, said the owner did not touch Turner until at least thirty minutes of telling her to leave the restaurant. Turner's shift was over at 4 p.m., but at nearly 4:30 p.m., surveillance video shows she was still behind the counter, arguing with the owners.

"I'm not doing this to keep my job or anything like that. If other people put themselves in the situation, they would see what really happened," said the employee.

The uninterrupted surveillance video does not have sound, but it shows the owner grabbing a tray of food out of the employee's hand, throwing it to the floor, and giving her a shove before gesturing for her to get out. The employee is never "slapped" or "hit" in the traditional sense of the word, but the owner did put his hands on her.

Both the customer and the owners called 911, and when Gwinnett County police arrived, they spoke to witnesses and watched all the videos, but decided the physical contact was not forceful enough to merit an arrest for simple assault. They suggested Turner should go to the courthouse and get a warrant herself if she still wanted to press charges. They did not write an incident report.

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