Officers in Troup County Jail are searching for one remaining escaped inmate and hoping to question a man who may have known about the escape plan.

Friday deputies at the jail investigated how the inmates Eric Bell and Thomas Cuddington were able to break out of the top of the building Wednesday night.

Bell was captured Friday morning.

“He was spotted by a citizen off of Hamilton Street or Hamilton Road which is not too far. That's actually Hamilton Road out there,” Troup County Spokesperson Sgt. Stewart Smith told CBS46 on Friday. “He was in the city limits of LaGrange and somebody spotted him.”

Cuddington was still at large Friday night. Police say he was in jail for drug and traffic charges. He’d previously been arrested in 2016 for theft by deception.

The men broke out of the Troup County Jail on the night of August 15. Smith said they used an unknown object to cut a whole in their ceiling in their room. They escape to the roof, walked across the top of the building and then scaled down a drain pipe on the front of the administrative side of the building.

“It was discovered the next day, which was yesterday, around 8am that they were not in their dorm and there was a hole in the ceiling,” Smith said. “We did some further investigation, went onto the roof and found that an air return duct had been pushed open from the inside and tracked some footprints.”

Friday afternoon, police sent out an alert asking for John Cal Stutts to come forward. He is accused of throwing tobacco over the guard line at the jail. Police also believe he may have known about the escape plan.

Smith says they don’t believe Cuddington is a public threat but warned people should not approach him.

“They were bold enough to get out of here and once they're cornered, we don't know what they'll do,” Smith said. “We encourage the public, if they see them, to call 911. Don't confront them and just give us all the information they can when they see him.”

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