STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga (CBS46) -- Dekalb County police are still looking for suspects after two young men were shot and killed in Stone Mountain early Sunday morning.

Neighbors say they heard multiple gunshots.

Police believe it might have been an armed robbery.

“We responded to 4952 Central Drive this morning, we had two Hispanic males shot,” Sgt. Lynn Shuler, with the DeKalb County Homicide Unit, told CBS 46’s Melissa Stern.

One of those men died at the scene, the other was taken to Grady Hospital where he later died.

“We have executed a search warrant inside the residence and we’re impounding his vehicle to the lab to try and determine what happened,” added Sgt. Shuler.

The shooting happened around six in the morning at two duplexes backed up to each other.

“I heard gunshots earlier today, earlier this morning, and I believe that’s what led to the scene that’s happening right now,” said one neighbor, Mir Qasam.

Police say the two men were in their 30s.

“We’re interviewing two witnesses at our office, and we’re pulling some surveillance video from the complex,” Sgt. Shuler said.

“It’s a very big concern, makes me want to be more aware of what’s going on in the area,” Qasam added.

“My mother in law stays over here, a couple of my Mexican friends live in this complex too,” said another neighbor, Bilal Salal, “I made a couple calls, made a couple calls, seeing what was going on.”

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