Investigators have made two more arrests in connected to thefts at a veterans memorial in Rockdale County.

Bryan Sears, 25 and Keisha Martin Black, 42, are currently in the Rockdale County Jail after being arrested on Monday.

Two weeks ago, 51 year-old Wendall Tolbert of Taylorsville was the first to be taken into custody in connection to the case.

Bronze statues and other items were stolen from the Walk of Heroes Veterans War Memorial December 15.

Some of the items have been recovered and authorities say others are in a creek and they will work to get them removed from the water.

The stolen items included two bronze service member statues, a bronze globe that weighs 800 pounds and bronze plaques with military emblems.

"Out of all the things that could have been taken or stolen why did you choose something so significant to a lot of people? I don't understand that," said Sheriff Levett during a news conference Wednesday.

Many of the veterans and their family members who worked hard to get the memorial established were heartbroken by the crime.

"They probably had no thought process of what they were desecrating," said veteran Tommy Clack. "Personally I hope I have an opportunity to confront them and share with them how many people they hurt and the legacy that they attacked."

The sheriff believes the suspects were going to sell the bronze at a scrap yard, possibly for drug money.

He said, "This was a terrible crime, this was a disrespectful crime to many men and women who sacrificed their life."

Those involved with the Walk of Heroes Veterans War Memorial say they will rebuild.

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