Two students arrested, charged after bringing gun into Shiloh Middle School


The Gwinnett County Schools Police Dept. was called to Shiloh Middle School on Monday after a tip said a 14-year-old student brought a handgun to school.

“The staff at the school got a tip that one of the students had a weapon on school property so they immediately went to the student and found a weapon on his waistband,” said Bernard Watson with Gwinnett County Schools.

According to an incident report, the student had a black Hi-Point .45 caliber handgun. We asked what he planned to do with the weapon.

“This is an open investigation so police are in the process of finding out these fine details,” Watson said.

“I was horrified because of so much stuff that’s already going on with the shooting and killing,” said parent Regina Banks.

Parents were notified of the incident Monday night.

“They actually text messaged me,” Banks said. “They were informing me that a child had brought a gun to school.”

The principal’s message reads:

Dear Shiloh Middle Parents/Guardians:

As you know, we take our students’ safety very seriously at Shiloh Middle School. As principal, I wanted to make you aware of a situation that occurred today. Our administrators received a tip that a student may have a weapon on campus. We moved quickly to investigate and during our search we did find that a student had a gun in his possession. In addition to criminal charges for having a weapon on campus, the student also will face disciplinary action.

I want to reassure you that this incident was handled quickly and efficiently. I also would like to take this opportunity to thank those in our school community who work with us to ensure that our school remains a safe place. Students, parents, and teachers play an important role in these efforts, and I encourage you to continue to come with us when you have information or concerns related to student safety. All of you are leaders in efforts to keep our school safe and a key to the overall success of our school. I appreciate your continued support as we work together to provide students and staff with a safe, disruption-free teaching and learning environment.


Dr. Eli Welch


“We also want to give praise to the students who actually reported the incident to administrators right away,” Watson said. “And because of their actions, we were able to handle the situation quickly and effectively.”

The student was arrested and taken to a juvenile detention center. He faces two felony charges, carrying a handgun in a school zone and carrying a handgun without a license.

Another student is also facing charges in connection to the incident. The Gwinnett Daily News reports the second student handed the first student the gun. The second student also hid another gun on campus, which has since been recovered.

School officials said the students will most likely be suspended and paneled to see if they can return to the school.

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