Typical weather for Super Bowl LI in Houston


Super Bowl LI is scheduled for Feb. 5 at 6:30 p.m. in Houston. If you plan on traveling from Atlanta to Houston, here's an idea of what the weather is typically like there on Feb. 5.

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A typical Feb. 5

The normal high temperature for Houston on Feb. 5 is 65 degrees, while the normal low temperature is 45 degrees.

To put that in prospective, the normal high in Atlanta for the same day is 10 degrees cooler at 55 degrees, while the normal low in Atlanta is 36 degrees.

Records for Feb. 5

The hottest it's ever been in Houston on Feb. 5 is 83 degrees back in 1957.

The coolest it's ever been in Houston on Feb. 5 is 23 degrees back in 1996.

The most amount of rain in Houston on Feb. 5 was 1.8 inches in 1955.

The last five years

Here are the actual high and low temperatures for the last five years on Feb. 5 in Houston: 2016 High of 59 Low of 33 2015 High of 55 Low of 41 2014 High of 51 Low of 37 2013 High of 79 Low of 63 0.01 inches of rain 2012 High of 54 Low of 48Check back with CBS46.com for the actual forecast for Super Bowl LI soon!

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