ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) The U.S. Army is offering thousands of dollars in incentives for new recruits.

“We have several different bonuses, we have quick shift bonuses, we have incentive bonuses,” said First Sergeant Monica Maize as she went down the list of recruitment incentives now being offered. 

The U.S. Army is rolling out the welcome mat in hopes of attracting 10,000 new hires.

“During COVID-19 the Army, took a paused for training just to protect our soldiers and out families. We're just trying to catch back up on where we need to be” added First Sergeant Maize.

The 10,000 jobs span 150 different careers ranging from an active duty soldier to jobs in science, engineering, law and even the medical with position bonuses into the hundreds of thousands.

“For the medical side of the house we have a lot of bonuses and our bonuses range anywhere from 30,000 to 400,000 depending on specialties for practicing physicians, dentist, and nurses," said LT. Col Susan Tallman with the Army Medical Department.

Officials say the bonus are dependent on the applicant’s qualifications, their score on the army entrance test, and the position being applied for. But regardless of the job title, officials say boosting recruitment is now a necessity.

“Those 150 positions that are available are so important to the defense of the nation and for the development of young people we could not stop doing what we needed to do,” said Lt. General Leslie Smith.

“Many of these jobs give you credentials that you can put on a resume, and I don’t care where you come from the streets of New York to the Blue Hills of Kentucky you’re going to be joining a great organization,” added Major General Gary Brito.

The bonus are first come first serve because they are based on the budget constraints. To find out how to apply go to and enter code “AMMZ”.

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