U.S. to accept new DACA applications

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A Federal judge ruled that the U.S. Government must allow the DACA Program to continue and not deport so-called Dreamers.

The judge also says the U.S. has to accept new applications, right now Georgia has more than 24,000 people who are DACA recipients.

As it stands now, three separate judges have concluded that President Trump's decision in September 2017 to ditch DACA was illegal.

The rulings wipe out the end-date of March 5 set in place by the Trump Administration.

Immigrants with DACA work permits can apply for their two-year renewals.

The latest ruling by Judge John Bates went further, forcing the Trump Administration to allow immigrants who qualify for DACA to invite and approve first time Dreamers who have yet to register for the new program.

A large group of protesters stood outside the Supreme Court Wednesday as the justices take on President Trump's travel ban.

"The promise of America is open to every human being regardless of how they pray and how they worship," says Immigration Activist Ramla Sahid.

The original policy rolled out shortly President Trump took office sparking widespread protests and triggered confusion at the nation's airports.

The current, third version, of the policy is more limited, targeting seven countries, most with predominantly Muslim population. The administration says the countries do not have proper screening measures in place for people coming to the U.S.

However, challengers say the policy is illegally aimed at Muslims and they point to the president's own words on the campaign trail as evidence.

The Supreme Court is expected to make a decision regarding the travel ban in late June. In the DACA case, the judge gave the Trump Administration 90 days to justify how it implemented the policy.

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