The man who was found dead inside the interior wall of a vacant motel wall appeared to be inescapably wedged between pipes when deputies found his body.

The Spalding County Sheriff added that extra detail, Monday, about their investigation of a missing person's death.

The coroner says the official results of Timothy Allen Johnson's autopsy won't be ready for another few months because they need toxicology exams.

Allen was reported missing from Griffin in December, and wasn't found until Feburary, when a man burglarizing a vacant motel called 911 to report his discovery of Allen's body inside an interior wall.

The motel is right next door to Crestview Baptist Church.

Timothy Allen Johnson's pickup truck was found in the parking lot of that North Expressway church in December, but that was the last known trace of him until now.

Griffin police responded to the motel after the 911 call, and found a room with a foul odor. Further investigation revealed Johnson's body was caught in the plumbing access area.

Right now, no one is suspected of killing Johnson or trapping him in the wall. Investigators currently believe Johnson became stuck in the wall accidentally.

They believe Johnson was also burglarizing the building and looking for copper wire to steal when he became trapped.

The Sheriff added that Johnson was a diabetic, and was known to use methamphetamines.

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