UPS identifies leaker in trade secrets scandal


Last fall, UPS discovered a breach.

An employee wrongfully obtained what the company called a highly confidential strategic plan about their aircraft fleet.

And the documents ended up splashed on internet message boards visited by company pilots. Some of those pilots then forwarded the juicy material to others.

UPS went to federal court, demanding the right to search IP addresses to identify not only the pilots, but the source.

It worked. And so did some of the employees snitching on each other--when threatened with their jobs--sources say.

Sources tell us the pilots involved did time on probation. But didn't lose their jobs. That was because the pilots union fought on their behalf.

As for the mechanic at the center of this, we don't know his fate, because thats been kept secret. But attorneys tell us he could be facing serious legal trouble in addition to his employment status.

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