DEKALB COUNTY (CBS46) Some Atlanta VA employees took to the streets to protest the lack of adequate protective equipment.

The group says each day they go to work they put their lives at risk because they are not being provided masks that protect against the coronavirus.

“Nurses and the public lives are at risk. We don’t want to spread this infection,” said Dr. Uzuegbunam who works at the Atlanta VA, and represents the group of VA employees who took to the streets to voice their concerns about not being provided the proper respirator masks.

“The nurses are quite disappointed because they feel like they’e being failed. We don’t have adequate protective equipment and what we do have is being rationed,” added Uzuegbunam.

The groups say they are being provided surgical mask that do not protect from the corona virus and only when they are interacting with patients who has tested positive for the virus are they given mask with a respirator. A process they say puts them in danger, because it doesn’t take into account asymptomatic people or those who have not been tested.

“We never feel safe, as if we can’t catch it. We just want to make sure that we don’t,” said VA nurse Dana Horton.

In a statement the VA said, “The health, safety, and protection of veterans and staff is their top priority.

The document went on to say.. “We are working 24/7 to continue providing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for VA employees, as per CDC guidelines. But the nurses protesting say those guidelines are the problem because they not provide adequate protection.

“The CDC has lowered the standard in what they are can and cannot do. So what we’re seeing is that standard is less then, we should be able to have adequate PPE at all times,” added Horton.

It’s important to note that those we spoke to say this issue was and just impacting nurses here at Atlanta VA but heathcare workers all across the country.


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