DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) The seniors at the VA Eagle's Nest nursing home are being relocated so the facility can be used to treat coronavirus patients.

“They already shipped him off to Dublin”, said Linda McCall the wife of a veteran who's lived at Eagle’s Nest for the past eight years.

McCall said she got the shocked her life when her phone rang Friday morning.

“The social worker just called me and said it was surprise and she just wanted to let me know it was happening right now”.

McCall says without her agreement, the VA moved her husband of 45 years to a nursing home in Dublin, Georgia. A location she says is too far for her to visit and a trip she doesn’t think her husband is strong enough to endure.

"It’s like they shipped him off like a piece of meat. I don’t know if he he’s going to make this three-hour trip to Dublin with all his aliments," she said.

McCall’s husband has Parkinson’s, dementia, heart disease, and is unable to speak. But he’s just one of the 34 veterans who called Eagle’s Nest home and is now being forced out.

“It’s the administration, higher up's responsibly to keep us informed and this has not occurred,” said Joyce Jamison whose husband is also being moved.

She said the VA gave her very little details on the move and she worries her husband who is unable to talk won’t get the care he needs. 

“I’m hoping that the people that are sending them and the people that are receiving them realize the risk and the mental anguish that each of us have because our loved ones are being taken,” added Jamison.

In a statement the VA confirmed patients were being relocated to facilities in Augusta, Central Alabama, Charleston, Columbia, Dublin, and Tuscaloosa so Eagle’s Nest can be converted into a corona virus treatment unit. The statement went on to say they have confidence in their sister facilities ability to provide exceptional care, and that families members have been contacted and are being provided timely updates but those we spoke to disagree.

“I want everyone to know my husband is not a number. He’s a person like you and I. He fought to protect us, to keep us free, and this is how he’s being treated," added Jamison.

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