Very direct questions for potential jurors in hot car death trial

Justin Ross Harris in court. (Source: WGCL)

Nearly 250 people showed up for jury duty Tuesday at the Cobb County Superior Court. They were sworn in, and then they begin answering 93 questions on a 17 page questionnaire.

CBS46 legal analyst Keegan Federal explains why there were so many questions.

"It's going to be crucial that the lawyers are able to find out as much as possible as they can about the jurors before they make their selections and decide which ones to deselect from the jury panels," Federal said. Juror QuestionnaireSome questions dealt directly with this case asking, "Have you, or has someone you know, ever forgotten and left an animal or child somewhere?"

Another question asked, "Have you, or has a friend or family member, ever forgotten and left a child or animal in a car, even if only briefly?"

"The defense attorneys are looking for those jurors that are most partial to their side of the case they can find," Federal said. "Likewise the prosecution are trying to find jurors who are partial to the prosecution side of the case."

Along with asking about social website use, online relationships and any sexual addictions the questions pointed towards children and car seats asking, "Do you have a child that currently rides in a car seat?"

Another question reads, "Have you ever been responsible for transporting a child to daycare or school?"

"I think it would be important if I was one of the lawyers on either side of the case I would definitely want to know whether or not any of the prospective jurors had any experiences like that," Federal said.

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