ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- “I’m already down and now you're kicking me when I’m down by not giving me any of my money back,” said Vietnam Veteran Jonny French as he described the two-year battle to get a refund from his former attorney.

French says the last few years have been tough financially, in fact things got so bad that he was on the verge of bankruptcy. That's when he decided to visit the law office of James Goad.

“At that point he told me it would be $1,400 to do it and they would do it once I paid all the money. I gave him $200 at that time and then came back a month later and gave him $300” added French.

But after that French realized he didn’t have enough funds to make the $1,400 retainer. He also never completed the bankruptcy questionnaire and did not take online class required to complete the process. So he asked the attorney for his money back.

“He says no we don’t give money back. So, I said ok and I left the office. I also tried sending letters and emails to him, again asking him, telling him my situation financially. Telling him I really need the money back and all that” said French.

For the rest of 2018 and all of 2019 he continued to make the request, but eventually turned to CBS46. We reached out to the attorney and he sent us a statement saying, “due to attorney client privilege he could not discuss the matter,“ but added, “they reviewed French’s file back in July and at that time determined no refund was forthcoming.“

But the statement went on to say, “In the interest of the client and public satisfaction they have presently authorized a full refund.”

It was news that had French choked up.

“I appreciate that you don’t know how much I appreciate it. “It makes me feel good,” French added.

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