ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- A veteran battles Famers insurance over coverage, A veteran says he came home to a busted pipe, water pooling on his floor and a major battle with his insurance company over coverage. 

“The water was here and to here into my dining room” said veteran Skip Wilfred. Wilfred says he’s fed up with his Farmers Insurance because they declined his claim. “He told me point blank that he can’t fix the floor and I’m looking at them like why am I paying for insurance. I thought I was covered, now you telling me you can’t fix my floor,” added Wilfred.

He says unbeknownst to him, a pipe in the wall had a slow leak for years and eventually gave way, flooding his home. He jumped into action and quickly hired Rotor Rooter to come out to stop the leak.

“He [Rotter Rooter representative] start in one corner and trace his way to find where the water was coming from and he found it was coming from a pipe coming from the water heater. The water restoration people told me because of the damage to the floor, that portion, the hole floor has to be redone. They just can’t patch part of the floor,” added Wifred.

Farmers Insurance tells CBS46 because the damage was caused by a preexisting problem they cannot approve the claim.

“Our customer’s policy, like other homeowner policies generally, provides coverage for damage resulting from direct, sudden, and accidental release of water. After investigating this loss, we have determined the damage resulted from a long-term leak, for which coverage is not available," read a statement from the company.

“If you want to talk about preexisting, the floor is current, that’s current water it didn’t happen last year” Wilfred responded.

He went on to say his situation should be a warning to all homeowners to check their policy so that something similar doesn’t happen to them.

“They’re supposed to be an insurance company. Act like an insurance company. Don’t just sit there and suck up my money. That’s wrong, otherwise go to All State," added Wilfred.

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