Veteran exposed to war-time toxins denied access to burn pit registry

ATLANTA GA (CBS46) “It’s just another chapter of feeling betrayed by the United States of America," said veteran Yvette Johnson as she described the process of adding her name to the Burn Pit Registry.

The almost 20-year service veteran was deployed to the Persian Gulf War; she was in Financing and Accounting and her convoy drove from camp to camp cashing soldier's checks.

“The law stated that a U.S. soldier  must receive his or her salary regardless of where they'relocated” added Johnson. She says that meant going to war zones and implanting war time tactics.

“I can only explain it as an unbelievable nightmare. Every morning we would consolidate all of the human waste, all of the trash from the meals that we hadn't eaten, we would tuck it all in this barrel,” Johnson went on to say.

Then they added gasoline and lit the fire. Johnson says they stood there and churned it.

“None of us ever us had ever consolidated human waste and set it on fire, and sat there stirring it. No mask, no protective gear, no disposable gloves, no nothing. This was surprise! This is how we dispose of human waste and trash in the war zone,” added Johnson.

She says the practice left her with severe respiratory issues.

“I have asthma, shortness of breath, I have a spot on my right lung," she added.

With 20 years of documented respiratory issues you would think Johnson was a perfect candidate to be added to the Burn Pit Registry, but when she attempted to add her name she was denied, saying she needed to prove that she participated in the process so she reached out to CBS46 and things quickly changed.

“I have nothing but thanks for CBS46. I am not on the burn pit registry” added Johnson.

To add your name it to the Burn Pit Register, click here.

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