ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Veteran Robert Pollard turned to CBS46 after waiting months to obtain copies of his medical records.

“I have been waiting for this paper to be singed since May 20th,” said Pollard, as he detailed the frustration he experienced trying to get his mental health evaluation records.

Pollard needs the documents to complete his VA application for benefits. He said without them he’s at a standstill and can’t get the help he needs to deal with his PTSD.

“I’m at a real cross-roads just trying to expedite two sheets of paper and [the doctor] already evaluated me.”

Pollard's PSTD evaluation was done by a private psychiatrist, and even though Pollard has made multiple trips to the doctor’s office and signed the necessary release forms, he has been unable to get the documents sent to his attorney to complete his benefits application.

”It’s like a stalemate, without this I have no percentage right now because this is the main thing that is needed in my file, this evaluation,” Pollard said. 

CBS46 Reporter Bobeth Yates went to the doctor’s office to check on the hold up. That's when they said they attempted to mail the documents to Pollard but had the wrong mailing address.

After being provided a new form authorizing the release of his medical records the doctor’s office faxed the forms to Pollard’s attorney and gave CBS46 a copy.

”Thank you because I’ve been waiting and I’ve been patient,” added Pollard.

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It's sad that it has to come to this. I've been fighting since 2014 since I had a few medical problems come up since I got out in 2012 from active duty - then I went guard. In the guard while I was still rehabing my knee - I had to do crossfit so as you can imagine, I was separated - not medically though and I've been fighting to get a rating. There really should be an accountability to the VA.

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