Veterans mailbox destroyed by DeKalb County worker

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- CBS46 is working to get results for a disabled veteran who said he caught a DeKalb County employee behaving badly.

The vet said while picking up recyclables, the employee destroyed his mailbox and fled. The incident was even captured on surveillance footage.

“They pick up regular trash on Thursday along with the recyclable,” Vincent Abraham explained.

Abraham told CBS46 that when the recycling truck arrived Thursday, the visit was all but routine.

“It has an arm that picks up the recyclable cans and when it was extended it knocked the mailbox over. The young lady came out the truck and tried to prop up the mailbox. It didn’t work so she just leaned it against the other garbage can,” Abraham explained.

He said the driver also be seen looking around to see if anyone witnessed the accident.

“Then she hustled back in the truck and took off,” said Abraham.

No note, nor notification was left behind explaining what happened. All that was left was a headache for Abraham and his family.

No standing mailbox means no mail delivery.

“I’m a disabled vet and I expect a lot of important mail for appointments and things like that, and I really can’t do without the mail,” Abraham explained.

CBS46 called, texted, emailed, and physically visited the DeKalb County Sanitation Offices. The county declined to comment on the incident or accident protocol.

However, they did say they are now investigating the incident after since CBS46 brought it to their attention.

They plan to provide more details, and we plan to hold them accountable.

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Investigating? All they have to do is check the crew scheduled to do pickup on that street and make sure the employees are reprimanded. Then give them the materials, at county cost, and send them out to replace the mailbox totally. If disabled he probably gets his scrips from VA through the mail also. New box and they go to the door, get him to check it out and apologize for not making sure it was replaced by the end of the day it happened. Probably cost the county about $50 and the time they spend replacing the box. And if they don't, contact the post office and have the county and the employees brought up on federal charges.

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