Veteran scammed trying to rent home still in need of new living quarters

Source: WGCL

CBS46 told you about a family with six young children, scammed while trying to rent a house.

The Davis Family lost over a thousand dollars trying to rent a home. After our story aired, DFACS stepped in to help. Now the family tells CBS46 reporter Natalie Rubino they are living in a motel filled with drug activity and unsafe condition.

Brittany Davis returns to her old apartment three times a day to let her dog and kittens out. Where she's staying now, she can't keep them, even though Beastie is her 11-year-old son's service dog.

"He has autism, ADHD and articulation disorder," said Davis.

Davis is also pregnant. She works around the clock caring for her children and drives for Lyft. Her husband works too. But they can't find a home to rent since the scam.

"I want a home for my kids. I want them to go in the backyard and play and you know, not be piled on top of each other," said Davis.

The army veteran says she's not looking for a hand-out, just a hand up after a very unfortunate situation.

"I've watched veterans that have actually died because of situations like this and I wish they would do more," said Davis.

After our first story aired, the VA paid for the family to stay in a hotel for three nights before DFACS took over. We reached out to Lawrenceville Police about the scam. They say they're still investigating and have no leads on a suspect.

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