ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- A veteran forced to stockpile oxygen tanks is turning to CBS46 for help.

“This is like a bomb sitting in here,” said veteran Roy Vance, referring to the 20 plus oxygen tanks sitting in his living room. He describes the tanks as a ticking time bomb. “If there was a fire in my building, on my floor, or in my apartment, I got neighbors on both sides of me and I’m sitting here with tanks, 20 of oxygen. This is like a bomb sitting here and I mean a big bomb and people could get hurt," added Vance.

But storing the tanks is just one concern. Vance says he also has trouble carrying the tanks.

“This thing weighs 20 lbs.. I’m 79-years-old and as you get old your strength leaves you, and I’m tired of carrying this thing around with me every day,” said Vance.

After several months of back and forth with the VA, the former Marine turned to CBS46. We contacted the VA on his behalf and were told they would work with the veteran to solve the problem, but that was back in March and Vance says he has yet to hear from the organization.

So, we reached out to the VA again, this time pointing out the fact that the yearly cost of oxygen tanks is much more than the cost of a device that can make oxygen, and weighs only a few pounds.

But again, the VA told us they will contact the veteran directly.

“I would’ve gotten much better results going to a veterinarian. Animals don’t speak, human beings do and they give animals more attention and care than a human being gets over the uniform" said Vance.

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I have copd 4th stage my last hospital stay was n December 2019 , my Dr would not let me leave hospital till I get OXYGEN tanks delivered to my home , the next day VA delivered 1 concentrator 5 tanks n a portable to my home n home i went with no problems. thx VA! eat in sayn is to get a Dr. prescription to have tank delivered

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