(MCDONOUGH, GA) With so much suffering from Hurricane Michael in Florida and South Georgia, it’s easy to forget about the victims of Hurricane Florence, which caused severe flooding last month in the Carolinas.

A Henry County Army veteran hasn’t forgotten.

Alton Head is commander of the American Legion Post in McDonough. He didn’t flinch when he got the call a couple of weeks ago from his counterpart in Fayetteville, North Carolina where veterans’ homes were overtaken by flood waters.

“They said they’re still two feet underwater, and this last hurricane kind of put some more on them,” said Head.

He rounded up help from his co-workers at his regular job at the Henry County Water Authority. He also got help from the cities of McDonough and Locust Grove and two police departments -- Barnesville and Henry County. Together, the organizations donated enough bottled water to fill a tractor trailer.

“Water is one of the primary resources that you don’t really think about until you don’t have it,” said Tony Carnell, deputy manager of the Henry County Water Authority, “and so being able to help another state and to be able to give back is just a good feeling.”

Chief Mark Amerman of the Henry County Police Department is a veteran himself. He and others in his department donated toiletries and diapers. Two Henry County police officers are providing an escort for drivers from New Image Towing, the company that volunteered to haul the shipment into the disaster zone.

“You know we see so much negative in law enforcement. Not too many people call us up and say, ‘We’re having a great day,’ so being able to do something to give back to somebody in need, it makes us all feel good.”

Head, the local American Legion post commander, saluted the tractor trailer as it drove off toward the interstate.

“Awesome,” he said under his breath. “Awesome job.”

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