ATLANTA (CBS46) -- Victims are coming forward asking why a man who according to them has sexually assaulted multiple women and has been arrested over 60 times is allowed to roam their neighborhood.

“I woke up to a man rubbing my leg in my bedroom,” said Jessica McMillan.

That man is Rodney Lee Stroud, who is very well known to authorities.

“He has a continuous cycle of behavior that’s very disturbing to the woman in my neighborhood, to me personally, to several of my neighbors,” said Christian Enterkin.

Records show he’s been arrested over 60 times.

In response to Stroud continuously being released by the courts the Dekalb County District Attorney said while the court considers prosecutor recommendations related to bond and sentences, each is granted at the discretion of the respective court handling the matter.

CBS46 first covered incidents by Stroud back in 2018 when he tried to enter a home while the owner was on the phone to 911.

His latest two incidents in the Kirkwood area on August 8 and 17 involved breaking into woman’s houses and undressing, and even touching them.

Several of his latest female victims live close by one another and have had multiple run-ins with Stroud.

“I saw him there, he saw me, and then he started to masturbate,” McMillan said.

Enterkin has a restraining order on Stroud for the 2018 incident and reported him breaking that order on August 4. She believes if he had been locked up like she said he should have been the other two incidents wouldn’t have happened.

“How he can continuously break into one victims house after another, signature bond himself out of jail, and within 24hrs he’s back breaking into another woman’s house,” Enterkin said.

Victims also say Atlanta police have been responsive to their calls but question how seriously they take Stroud’s actions. McMillan said an officer told her she needs to get used to his presence, and asked her if she may have dreamt him being in her room.

“He [APD officer] was like well you know this is just the neighborhood you live in,” McMillan said.

Victims said it’s only a matter of time before Stroud’s behavior escalates further and they feel Powerless to stop him.

“It definitely highlighted how helpless I’m figuring out that I am,” McMillan said.

Atlanta police sent the following response about Stroud's multiple arrests and the response from officers to victim's when responding to calls.

Breaking into someone’s home is a crime we take seriously. We understand how violating it is to be the victim of this type of crime and our burglary investigators take these cases very seriously. When a resident is home during a burglary, it makes it even more concerning to us. It appears Mr. Stroud has 64 previous arrest cycles, leading us to share in saying that more needs to be done to address Mr. Stroud. The police department is only one part of the criminal justice system. Our job is to arrest those committing crimes in our city. Mr. Stroud has been arrested repeatedly and for crimes we find to be very concerning. It is frustrating to us to see repeat offenders quickly released and back out on our streets and we are hopeful Mr. Stroud will be held accountable for his actions and provided with the appropriate resources to address his behavior.

In addition, we are concerned with the allegations you have brought to us regarding APD officers dismissing victims’ concerns about Mr. Stroud. We have made the Zone Commander aware of the complaints. We know our officers can be frustrated when dealing with repeat offenders like Mr. Stroud. However, it is unacceptable for our officers to diminish the concerns of those in our communities.


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