Victor Hill found not guilty

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill with defense attorney Drew Findling

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill is a free man, after a jury found him not guilty on 25 counts of corruption.

Hill was originally facing 27 counts, but two counts were thrown out Thursday by state attorneys.

Hill's attorneys, Drew Findling and Steven Frey said that Hill would not make a public statement after the verdict, but instead wanted to focus on getting back to work as sheriff.

"He will not dignify what was exposed in that courtroom," Findling said. "Anybody that watched in that courtroom saw the real RICO, the real racketeering activity, was the last administration spending over $400,000 for 48 weeks following Victor Hill around, because he declared his candidacy."

Hill was accused of racketeering, theft by taking and violation of his oath office, during his first term as sheriff from 2004-2008. Hill was elected sheriff last year, despite being under indictment and having his peace officer's certification suspended.

Hill is also accused of creating two companies and writing checks from his campaign donations to those companies.

Hill's attorneys said the charges were politically motivated. Findling told jurors that a sheriff is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week and that Hill had a right to use his county vehicle and credit card as he saw fit.

Frey said there simply wasn't evidence against Hill.

"You looked for that one thing that you couldn't explain," Frey said. "Using the credit card to go to Chops or using the credit card for something that you couldn't explain, and it wasn't there. Because it wasn't there, it showed there was no criminal intent to defraud the citizens of Clayton County."

CBS Atlanta attempted to reach out to former sheriff Kem Kimbrough, whose administration brought the charges against Hill. Kimbrough did not respond.

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