MARIETTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Several Marietta police officers and a Good Samaritan are being recognized for saving a woman from potentially falling to her death.

On Sept. 13, officers Amelia Hines and Matthew Abekemeier responded to a call about a woman attempting to jump from the 5th floor of the Motel 6 on Delk Road. When they arrived, they saw the woman, who was suffering a mental crisis, standing on the ledge, leaning away from the building.

“We hopped out the car, ran up the stairs and on each flight, I was still trying to talk to her to get her to maybe lean back in, kind of stall basically as I continued my way up,” Hines recalled.

The officers didn’t have much time to think. Abekemeier said they had to act fast.

“I just went into life-saving mode and tried to do everything I could to try to help keep her from falling,” Abekemeier said.

As a Good Samaritan distracted the woman, Hines signaled to Abekemeier that she was moving in and for him to grab the woman as well. The woman put up a fight, but a third officer held her legs until Hines, Abekemeier and the Good Samaritan pulled her back over the railing.

“We get a lot of calls about people having thoughts and we’re usually able to get there and get them on the ambulance,” Hines said. “Never anything where they’re that close [to taking their life].”

Hines and Abekemeier said they leaned on their crisis intervention training to prevent a needless tragedy. The woman was taken to the hospital for medical evaluation and treatment.

“I always let people know that they’re not the only one going through something,” Hines said. “We’re all going through something, especially right now with COVID, unemployment, all of those things. Everyone’s struggling.”

September is National Suicide Prevention Month. If you or someone you know needs help, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255, text HELLO to 741741 or call 911. You can find other resources by clicking here.

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