ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) A Vietnam Veteran says the injuries he sustained while serving has made an essential daily task one of the most difficult.

"I was wounded [by a] gunshot to the upper chest and I got blown up by the enemy and I was wounded a third time in a helicopter crash", said veteran Harold Davis.

Davis says the three separate incidents left him with a series of health problems.

"They removed my spleen and they told me back in '68 that I will have a lot of infections because the spleen cleans our body," added Davis.

In addition to the constant infections, scrap metal from the gunshot wounds still remain in his body, which he says has caused arthritis and then there is the nerve damage and constant pain. To help ease his suffering, Davis says he use to soak his body in the tub but that option is no longer available.

"It's hard for me to get back up by myself without the rails and everything and I don’t have anything to put my arm on to help pull myself up to get out of the tub", said Davis.

So he applied for a handy assessable tub but the VA denied the request.

"I feel bad about it because I did my duty, I didn’t say no when they told me to go, so they shouldn't be saying no to me now that I’m trying to get I fought for and am entitled to" said David.

But VA says all hope isn’t lost, while Davis did receive a denial from the Medical Committee he still may qualify for the assessable tub through a Special Adaptative Housing Grant, but Davis says this is just more red tape for something he's been fighting to get for more than 10 years.

"I don't think it’s fair but I’m not the only veteran that has to go through all this. It’s a lot of veterans, some veterans get what they need and some veterans have to fight for it."

The VA says they will work with Davis to fill out the Special Adaptative Housing Grant application but could not guarantee its approval.

It's also important to note that Davis received 3 Purple Hearts for his injuries.

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