ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) The Atlanta Police Department hopes the public can assist them with locating a violent fugitive who is now at the top of Atlanta's Most Wanted list.

A man we’ll call Rey, for his own safety, is a victim of a violent crime. He said on December 10th of last year he noticed something disturbing.

“I noticed a guy arguing with a female on the sidewalk,” Rey explained.

At first Rey decided not to get involved. Minutes later the situation turned critical.

“He was being very aggressive you know, he had his hand around her neck you know pretty much like choking her and she was screaming like 'let me go let me go stop,' so that’s when he started to pull her down the street,” Rey said.

Rey decided to step in. He asked the man to leave the woman alone. That’s when things almost became deadly.

“He took his knife out of his pocket and went behind her and tried to stab her with the knife."

Rey grabbed the man and the two began to fight.

“He started swinging the knife at me and I’m backpedaling in the middle of the street trying to block the knife,” Rey explained.

That's when Rey was stabbed. Thankfully a nearby security guard came to his aid. That’s when the attacker fled the scene.

This is where you need to pay close attention -- both Rey and Atlanta Police said Charlie Magby, is the attacker and they need your help getting him behind bars.

“That way no one else will have to be a victim to this guy’s rude behavior,” said Rey.

If you know Charlie Magby or see him in your neighborhood, please call Atlanta Crime Stoppers at 404-577-TIPS. You could even receive a cash reward.


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