Voters question absentee ballot envelops

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There are more questions surrounding the election and this one has to do with absentee ballots.

CBS46 is investigating and asking questions for you, the voters. We're looking into why your absentee ballot may look different than other voters in a story that's only on CBS46.

"The whole absentee ballot thing is just too difficult, to confusing for people. It shouldn't have to be this way," said voter Laura Digges.

She had a simple question -- why did her absentee ballot envelope in Cobb County ask for the year she was born?

Her friend, Ray Dafrico, who is also voting absentee, found the same thing.

"Mine says only year. And my wife's and daughter's say month and date. Now that might not seem very significant, but it could be a reason for them to not count them," said Dafrico.

The two felt so strongly, they went to the Cobb County Board of Elections Office and recorded what the absentee ballot coordinator told them.

"Either month and day, or if they write the year, no matter which is on the form, we'll accept it," the coordinator was recorded saying. 

CBS46 investigated and as it turns out, the law changed last year. So, now the state asks for your birth year. But since there was inventory of the old "month and day" forms, those are still being handed out to voters.

But, here's why Dafrico and Digges are still concerned for other voters in other counties.

"It's up to each county. Each county processes the ballots that come in," said the coordinator on the recording.

We checked with the Cobb County elections director, and she told me, "We'll accept the month and day, or the year, as long as it matches what's on the voter's record," adding, "there is no confusion."

Because we care about voters in every county, we also asked the Secretary of State's Office.

A spokeswoman said, "The Secretary of State's Office does not process absentee ballot applications or absentee ballots. Local officials determine eligibility and sufficiency by following state law and rules."

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