better homes and gardens aromatherapy spray

Walmart is recalling an aromatherapy room spray that contained a dangerous bacteria, which can cause a fatal health condition, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said Friday.

The retailer is recalling 3,900 bottles of the Better Homes and Gardens-branded essential oil infused aromatherapy room spray with gemstones. The spray bottles could contain Burkholderia pseudomallei bacteria, which can cause a condition called Melioidosis.

According to the CPSC, Melioidosis can be difficult to diagnose and can be fatal. Melioidosis is a rare but serious disease in the United States, with about 12 cases reported annually, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC conducted tests on the product and investigated four confirmed cases of Melioidosis, including two fatal cases, in the United States. Though the source of these four infections has not been confirmed by CDC, the CPSC said the bottle with the same type of bacteria was found in the home of one of the individuals who died.

The $4 aromatherapy room spray was sold at about 55 Walmart stores nationwide and online at from February 2021 through October 2021.

The bottle has "Better Homes and Gardens Aromatherapy" printed on the label on the front of the 5-ounce glass bottle.

Consumers should stop using the recalled product immediately and are advised to not open the bottle or dispose of it themselves but to return it to Walmart in a clear zip-top double bag for a full refund.

Consumers are also advised to seek medical care if they have used the product within the last 21 days and experience fever or other symptoms.

Better Homes & Gardens has issued this following statement:

“We are deeply concerned to learn that an aromatherapy room spray, produced by Flora Classique Inc. for Walmart and sold under the Better Homes & Gardens brand, has been found to contain dangerous bacteria.

We take issues of consumer safety extremely seriously and urge anyone who may have purchased these products to contact Walmart immediately and follow the CDC guidelines contained in the recall notice. Our focus now is on assisting Walmart as much as possible with their recall efforts to ensure these products are returned safely.”

NOTE: Meredith Corporation owns the Better Homes & Gardens brand and this television station.

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