Warning issued on high tech credit card scam called shimming

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The Better Business Bureau is issuing a warning on a new high tech credit card scam called shimming.

Thieves have come up with yet another way to scam and copy credit cards. Devices called shimmers can now read your card number, and in certain instances access your card's chip, which contains encrypted information.

The technique isn't new as shimmers began appearing in 2015, but they're far more dangerous the standard skimmers.

The shimmer is a very thin plastic device that fits inside the card reader. Because shimmers are so thin, they can easily disappear inside the point of sale terminals.

The shimmers contain microchips, which can capture banking data on customer's chip cards. No reports of shimming have been made in Georgia, but customers are being warned.

The bottom line?

Always check the ATM and your surroundings. It's been noted that shimmers will sometimes cause inserted cards to become stuck. Sadly, simply pulling on the card reader might not work anymore because these thinner readers can slide right into the slot and hide there, waiting for your card.

Another way to protect yourself from shimmers is to always cover the keypad with your hand when entering your pin.

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