Students at Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School mock lynch an Ethiopian student in the school bathroom.

Students at Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School mock lynch an Ethiopian student in the school bathroom. 

ATLANTA (CBS46) -- An alarming video shared with CBS46 by a concerned mother, showed a group of Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School students pretending to "lynch" a black student in one of the school's bathrooms.

In the video, several male students can be seen with their heads covered in white tissue, with holes around the eyes. Then you see a black student with tissue wrapped around his neck and tie to a bathroom stall, like a rope. 

Video footage shows the moments high school students pretended to lynch an Ethiopian student in the school bathroom

The concerned parent said the video was taken by another student who walked in on the incident and shared the video with his parents. Since then, the video has been circulating through the hands of Cristo Rey parents and around social media. 

According to staff, the school is 56% Latino, 40% African American, 2% Asian and 2% Caucasian.

"Very shocking and disheartening to know that somebody I sit next to in class, somebody I present my project to, who I talk to on a daily basis at lunch could you feel this way towards me," said student Kenidee Barkley.

Students told CBS46 Faculty held an assembly Thursday to discuss the issue and later held a meeting with parents.

"I do know the school seems to be taking it very very seriously," said one parent.

However, many students said they're worried conversations aren't enough to prevent the discrimination they face daily.

"I think that the racial discrimination that plays a part in this world definitely ,made its way into Cristo Rey you see that in the video and we see that walking up and down the stairs every day," said student William Bradley.

Cristo Rey's President Bill Garrett, sent CBS46 this statement:

We had an unfortunate and reprehensible incident this week that involved a number of our students. This type of behavior will not be tolerated. The students are on indefinite suspension as we do a comprehensive investigation of the situation and determine an appropriate course of action.

While we have done cultural sensitivity training with our students, faculty, and staff, clearly we need to do more. We convened the entire student body the day after the incident, and one of our staff delivered a powerful message to our students. We are working closely with the National Center for Civil and Human Rights to develop a program appropriate for our community. In addition, Andrew Young will be speaking soon to our community.

One of our students perhaps said it best: “This is the biggest opportunity to capitalize on restructuring the school community. Never before has the entire student body been so passionate and united on an issue. It would be a waste to not use this to bring us together. Rather than talk about how we’re divided, I want to do something about it.”

We ask for your prayers for our students, parents, faculty, and staff. Thank you.

Students at a local school caught on camera laughing and mocking a lynching.

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