ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Casey Chastain and her husband have spent years going under the radar to get medical cannabis oil for their son Blake. He suffers from autism and a rare form of epilepsy.

Tuesday, they stood at the base of the staircase in the state Capitol smiling knowing that some of the red tape is being lifted.

"It's amazing to know that there are more," Chastain said seeing the dozens of other parents with sick children. "You feel alone because you're at home with your child trying to care for him the best you can and you actually get to meet people and then you connect with them and you've got more of a support system."

The Chastain's said low-dose THC has dramatically reduced Blake's seizures.

"The kid can walk around and do stuff without constantly having to worry about if he is going to fall down," Chastain said.

Surrounded by families like the Chastain's, Governor Brian Kemp signed 'Georgia's Hope Act' into law allowing Georgia pharmacies and specially-licensed groups to cultivate and dispense low-dose THC oils for medical use. They will first have to be approved by a state oversight committee and specially-licensed.

"We will allow limited cultivation to meet the limited needs of patients like those who are here today," Kemp told the audience. "Instead of crossing state lines, breaking numerous laws in the process these families can now stay in our great state. "

"This is the highlight of the seven years that I've been in legislative office," said the bill's sponsor Rep. Rep. Micah Gravley, R-District 67, of Douglasville.

One-year-old Emmanuel Gregory was one of the youngest patients in attendance today. His mom, Jessica Reid, tells CBS46 that the cannabis oils have reduced Emmanuel's seizures from nearly 200 per day to less than 20.

"Emmanuel's future is bright," Reid told CBS46 after seeing the bill signed into law. "This oil is everything for us on a daily basis," she said.

The next step will be forming a state oversight commission to regulate the licensing process.

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