ATLANTA (CBS46) -- "We just want him to release her," family members say R-Kelly is holding their daughter against her will.

Family members of Joycelyn Savage are trying to get her back to Atlanta so that they can move forward with a case against R-Kelly in Fulton County.

It’s been a four years battle but her mother Jonjelyn Savage said, “We just want him to release her and let her live her life.”

“It’s been a few months since they actually spoke to Joycelyn Savage,” Family attorney Gerald Griggs said Joycelyns parents, Jonjelyn and Timothy Savage are ready to file a lawsuit against R-Kelly, for what they said he did to their daughters in one or his former estates in John’s Creek back in 2017 and still to this day.

“Allegations of being locked in rooms and not being able to speak to anyone, not being able to speak to any family or other male figures, being forced to eat and call an individual daddy,” Griggs said.

According Griggs and Joycelyn’s parents, they met R-Kelly at an Atlanta boutique, went to his concert shortly after, where R-Kelly allegedly slipped his number to Joycelyn back stage.

Her family lost direct contact with her after that.

“Ultimately she was checked out of school and she’s been with Mr. Kelly ever since. The parents were always only interested in developing a music career for her. She was already a talent before the two met,” Griggs said.

R-Kelly’s attorney Steven Greenberg told CBS46 in part, that all of the women in Atlanta were willing participants in consensual relationships with R-Kelly. He said a case will never be brought against him in Fulton County.

“We are in a relationship,” Joycelyn Savage told CBS’s Gayle King the same thing, that it was consensual.

However, in her posts on Patreon back in 2019, she detailed ongoing abuse by Mr. Kelly, Those posts have since been deleted.

Among many charges, Mr. Kelly face racketeering, child pornography and sex charges in New York, Minnesota, and Chicago.

The Fulton County DA still has not said if the investigation into R-Kelly’s dealings in Johns Creek are still ongoing, or if they will move forward with a case.

However, Joycelyn’s parents are hopeful they will be reunited with her.

“The family remains focused and wants justice,” Griggs said.

Joycelyn’s parents said each time that they have tried to meet with their daughter, one of Mr. Kelly’s associates is there and they have not been able to meet with her alone.

They said they even traveled to Chicago recently to meet with her but again R Kelly’s people allegedly stepped in.

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Why are you running this old story. The Savages daughter was of age when she met R. Kelly. There are text messages to prove she begged R. Kelly for months to come visit him before she actually got a response. Why aren't you playing her videos that she has done for the world to see she is fine and happy. Stop being bias...The indictments that make their way into journalists' stories are meant to persuade a special group of people, potential jurors. If you want fairness in our justice system then news organizations need to consider how they cover criminal indictments and offer some fairness to balance the story. I would love to know why your journalist cater to prosecutors and law enforcement officials on the R. Kelly New York Trial. All of your articles seem to follow a similar pattern of GUILT, especially now that we are getting closer to the trial. The result is an unfair system that allows powerful prosecutors’ outrageous claims that usually go unchecked. Is it because there isn't an incentive for journalists to even listen to defendants? National press has covered many stories of individuals who were wrongly accused, imprisoned and then released once the truth emerged. While those stories reveal some prosecutorial misconduct, it begs the question of the media’s role in assisting in those convictions at the start. Where was the press when these convictions were handed down?

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